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Good show

I love this show a lot, but I wish I could say it had no flaws.
You guys are funny, but always leaving in your laughs can make it hard to enjoy all of the jokes that are coming in. It makes it hard to process all of the rapid fire quips.
You use a remarkable amount of non-con and other rape related jokes. I know you deal with a lot of heavy subject matter, but it can be rather uncomfortable.
The same is the case with jokes that are being made about other races and cultures, sometimes it’s just a bit too much.
I love you guys I listen to GAM, Scathing I and Cog Dis. I started listening to them in that order, you all helped me a lot when I was dealing with the death of my Grandmother and had to deal with the religious comments of the people around me.
I’ve listened through the archives, and you’ve all grown so much, as comedians and presumably as people. I know you try your absolute best, and I love you for it. I just want you guys to enjoy yourselves, you don’t always need to crack a bit, you’re personalities are enough to handle a difficult subject no need for schtick.
I know it would defeat the point if you all were properly researching, but I’d like a consistent Cecil level of research.
I love you guys keep up the good work.

Feb. 14, 2022 by 44t l on Apple Podcasts

Citation Needed