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How stupid is humanity? Funny story

I love these guys on their other podcast, but with the additional cast it grows ever better.
Basically if you like history, aren’t a stiff, and want to smile while learning, you are going to love this podcast. I’ve listened since day one and glad I have. Interesting stories give me a “did you know” story for my insanely hot girlfriend every day. Usually leads to some follow up research, some head hanging at the plight of humanity, and a lot of laughter in between.
Once again, if you are not a stiff, you will live this podcast. If you are a stiff, check out Cognitive Dissonance. Those guys are super mild, meek, god fearing, razor edge guys. Probably never even smelled a beer.

Nov. 1, 2017 by bumbleboy on Apple Podcasts

Citation Needed