Citation Needed

Citation Needed

The podcast where we choose a subject, read a single Wikipedia article about it, and pretend we’re experts. Because this is the internet, and that’s how it works now.

Recent Episodes

Common Misconceptions

June 29, 2022

A lot of people think this subtitle matters

Tobacco Whistle Blowers

June 22, 2022

Amazing they can blow a whistle with lungs like that.


June 15, 2022

This episode can be hazardous to your health.

Frank Dux

June 8, 2022

This week's episode kicks ass

Just Plane Stupid

June 1, 2022

Admittedly, that's not the name of a Wikipedia article


May 25, 2022

Turns out MMA copied off ancient Greece

About the Hosts

Cecil Profile Photo


With degrees in Philosophy, Culinary Arts, Patisserie Arts, and New Media from Chicago institutions, Cecil knows how to Tweet about the Existentialism of donuts. Which he feels is vastly superior to the Danish.

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Heath Enwright

Heath enjoys hockey, short walks on the beach, and has considered doing his own show: “Cooking Ramen with Heath”. When he laughs hard, which could be at any moment on the show, he’s noted for his very impressively high-pitched squeaks.

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Eli Bosnick

Eli Bosnick is a comedian and podcaster living in New Jersey. You can read his blog and check out his other work at

Cecil is his best friend.*
*Citation Needed

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Tom’s soft side includes a literature degree, a love of poetry, and being dad to 2 sons. Tom’s hard side includes applying harsh judgments on each of the 50 states, as well as a fear of birds. Based in Chicagoland, Tom is also a pizza connoisseur.

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Noah Lugeons

Noah Lugeons yells at a microphone for a living. He is also the author of Diatribes Volume One: 50 Essays from a Godless Misanthrope, and Diatribe Volume Two: 50 More Essays from a Scathing Atheist.