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Fantastic podcast

Educational, witty, funny, and has some of the best/worst puns in the podcastiuniverse. You are missing out if you are not listening. Always makes me laugh, even in the 2020s while living in the US.

Stay the Course

The slow but steady rise in popularity alongside the fleshing out of the format and “bits” has made this show a champ. Good Housekeeping even champions it! Congrats, fellas. You deserve it.

Out loud laughing funny

Love the ongoing gags and personality ‘quirks’ of all of them

Good show

I love this show a lot, but I wish I could say it had no flaws. You guys are funny, but always leaving in your laughs can make it hard to enjoy all of the jokes that are coming in. It makes it hard to process all of the rapid fire quips. You use a remarkable amount of non-con and other rape related jokes. I know you deal with a lot of heavy subject matter, but it can be rather uncomfortable. The same is the case with jokes that are being made about other races and cultures, sometimes it’s just a bit too much. I love you guys I listen to GAM, Scathing I and Cog Dis. I started listening to them in that order, you all helped me a lot when I was dealing with the death of my Grandmother and had to deal with the religious comments of the people around me. I’ve listened through the archives, and you’ve all grown so much, as comedians and presumably as people. I know you try your absolute best, and I love you for it. I just want you guys to enjoy yourselves, you don’t always need to crack a bit, you’re personalities are enough to handle a difficult subject no need for schtick. I know it would defeat the point if you all were properly researching, but I’d like a consistent Cecil level of research. I love you guys keep up the good work.


What a nice bunch of people talking about things and stuff.

Intelligence explodes

Intelligence explodes all over and with well timed humor. And I agree with EVERYTHING

Love this podcast!

The single best podcast that’s not about Etruscans that is now or has ever been produced in the history of the world. (Citation Needed)

King Calliope

Where I get all my history facts

Fantastic Podcast

This is the funniest, most interesting podcast I’ve ever listened to, full stop. I found Citation Needed and GAM a couple of years ago on my dad’s recommendation and instantly binged all of Citation Needed. I’ve kept up with it every week ever since and it’s only gotten better and better! The hosts are hilarious and all of the topics are genuinely really interesting. Also - if you guys read this Tom might’ve hated the Etruscans episode but I was delighted to finally hear it, I always though it would be an interesting episode and I wasn’t disappointed haha


Anything with the PIAT crew is always good


Great podcast my husband made me listen to. Then I made my best friend listen! She is now hooked. The Amazingly addictive… just can’t get enough podcast you want another hit!


Also I like to save Noah’s episodes for when I can’t get to sleep at night. Those episodes are so soothing and informative. Edit: Marsh’s homeopathy episode is the all-time winner. Check it out!

Pun in the sun

These guys are great

Laugh Fest

I love dudes laughing and these dudes like to laugh!

I used to like this pod cast now I love it!

It has cured my halopitia and now I can eat corn straight off the cobb!


This podcast makes me silly. So, so silly.

Citation needed

Idk man, I think they need to cite their sources… oh wait.

4 stars because...

...they pick on the Irish a little too much. Haven’t we endured enough pain? 3 Musketeers (and Milky Way) are the ugly friends of candy bars.

It’s ok!

It was either write a 5star review or donate money... so here I am! Of the podcast genre “people talk about things they don’t know about” these guys are the best!

A great mid-week laugh

I frantically refresh my feed on Wednesday at noon on the hopes It posts during my lunch break so I can laugh for a few minutes before re-entering the existential hellscape that is 2021. Irreverent, silly, and downright wrong, this is a great midweek pick me up!

Big Fun Big Laughs!

If the world is getting you down and you need to a harmless laugh give Citation Needed a go. It is always interesting with great running bits.

Two Great Tastes Go Together

Bringing two great studios together into one funny and informative show was a great idea! I love the chemistry the group has and often have the episode catalog on in the background as something to chuckle to throughout the day.

Learn new things

The Citation Needed guys have taught me a lot of weird things, while making me crack up laughing.

The best!

The guys consistently crack me up. TWO VOTES! If you like this check out Cognitive Dissonance and anything from Puzzle in a Thunderstorm


Highly recommend!

Purely Educational

Basically like Stuff You Should Know but with a lot more profanity and penis jokes. So better.

Fun podcast

Good chemistry between the hosts, I laugh at every episode. Needs more Marky Mark impersonations

Fun show

This and hardcore history are the shows I get most excited to hear. Love it.

The perfect podcast

Every episode makes me happy, makes me laugh, and never fails to make a bad day better. I find myself “saving” new episodes so I have a few to listen to after a stressful day/week. Fantastic well written comedy that is also interesting, well thought out, and the perfect mix of intelligent and ridiculous. This is also literally the only podcast that I’ve started to go back and re-listen to from the beginning (Pandemic). I’ve found it’s just as good the second time around, like a great tv show or movie. I can’t think of another podcast that I’d enjoy listening to a second time this way.

Just what I need...

This show is hilarious and informative with off beat topics that no one has talked about. Like seriously, some of these topics where so obscure that I wonder how wrote the wiki entry. But it’s funny and brightens my day.

Fun and Funny

Great group very informative

The pinnacle of educational podcasts

YoU gUyS lAuGh tOo MuCh. No you don’t.

Please talk more chemistry ❤️

hilarity as usual and then today Noah starts talking I can’t concentrate

Excellent podcast

My most favorite and listened to podcast. Keeps me chuckling during the day.

Informative and hilarious

They make serious, and otherwise boring, topics hilarious.

Very good podcast

They can literally make any topic funny, including the potentially tragic and unfunny ones. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good grin.

Awesome Podcast

It is not about the articles from Wikipedia, it is about the way they present them. These guys are good and they interact in a very funny way with each other.

Tons of laughs

I LOVE this podcast! I’ve listened since day 1 and will continue too. Anytime I need a good laugh this is the first place I come too!

Heroes of the ethosphere

Thank you. Truly. Thank you.

One of the best podcasts out there

This podcast makes my week!

Funny, offensive, and mildly educational

Best podcast on the Internet.

Great show!!

Just 5 guys pretending to be experts on a subject after reading a Wikipedia article on the topic, interjecting with jokes and commentary that has me suppressing my laughs while at the office.

Devilishly Delightful

This is my favorite podcast. Any time I’m done with other content, I default back to the PIAT guys. Citation Needed has nearly become background sound to my life. 💙💜

Taught me more than the American educational system

My favorite podcast and the only reason to get out of bed on a Wednesday

I look forward to this show every time!

This show is super entertaining. It’s a mesh of all my favorite podcasts! It’s a bit of the Dollup mixed with a lot more raunchy humor and smart dialog (masked as fart jokes a lot of the time).

Citation needed?

Not for this review because the Citation Needed podcast is amazing. I look forward to new episodes filled with many fun “facts” and laughs. Seriously one of my faves.


I had to pause the Andrew Jackson episode to be able to breath after hearing the one about the dead girl from Brazil. Never laughed so hard.


Jenkem. Look it up.

Thanks for the laughs

I love the dynamic when these guys get together. also I love the weird (and weirdly sourced) stories they dig up for this show. honestly I did not expect them to do so much research and work for a show that is ostensibly about “just reading a Wikipedia article”

The PIAT/ Gloryhole spin-off we deserve!

I’m here for you as long as this continues to be a thing. Love this podcast, and as soon as I’m out of my school debt, I’ll be glad to donate!!!

Brilliantly funny

If you haven't listened, what's wrong with you? Listen to it.

The Best show

I thought that no one listens to this show but tons of rateings. I love this show sooooo much.


I love the show but I was really disappointed that the Etruscan episode was a skit show. I really do not like it when a topic has been built up for a long time on a show and they end it with a self referential skit. I hope the next show is better to make up for the disappointing episode.


The Etruscan episode wasn’t about the Etruscans??!? I was so looking forward to That

Spit takes when I listen every time

This podcast is amazing also secret answer E and future topic all the black parts at radioactive and the white people forgot about it an gentrified it anyway


The best way to learn important moments and people in history.

One of the greats!

I love this show, I love these guys in general. Highly recommended.


Both informative and hilarious. You have to binge the backlog to start to get all the jokes

I love it

I absolutely love this podcast. I get excited every week and I can’t wait until the next one comes out! I’ve been listening for years and it’s especially fun for long trips in the car or doing homework. I recommend it to everyone I know who listens to podcasts, and I’d love to see them live!

Hilarious and inappropriate

Normally when I learn new things it doesn’t involve quite so much swearing. One of my favorite podcasts. I’m already going back to listen to all the back catalogue.

A snarky break from the day

If you’re already front loaded with a ton of current event podcasts then this is a great one to break up the day. For those that are saying the topics and “facts” are sometimes incorrect then you’re missing the point of the show. Yes it’s a trivia show but it’s also a show about Wikipedia and isn’t meant to be super educational, but really just spark and interest in a topic that you may want to do more research on. There have been a few times where because something the guys talked about has sparked a deeper dive into a topic for me. Don’t take the show too seriously, sit back for some ridiculous entertainment and allow your self to relax a little, it’s all just for fun anyhow, and you may laugh a little.

Hilarious and Informative

Dollop meets Wikipedia

Some very good boys

And a very good podcast. There’s not an episode in this backlog that didn’t make laugh out loud at least once.


Super funny and better-researched than even so many non-comedy podcasts these days.

Pleasantly unpredictable topics

Love the podcast fab 5! Their own shows are great and the combination of the group is even better.

Love it!

A weekly highlight of my podcast library. Very funny.

It may all be lies but I don’t care!

It’s so good I pay for it even though it is free.

Very Funny

I was already a fan of God Awful Movies and Cognitive Dissonance. I love hearing the hosts of both shows come together to riff on a variety of topics. It’s very entertaining!

Can’t get enough

Hilarious, random, & ridiculous - one of the highlights of my weeks. Not for the sensitive or easily offended. I also really enjoy all the other projects these guys create.

I guess it’s a good show

The most convincing fake laughs you’ll ever hear

Serious Inquiry?

Want to know what happened to Thomas Smith’s feet? Then this is the show for you. I think they need more listeners, so check it out.

The Best

These Guys are great. All their podcasts are FIVE STARS. Check out their other podcasts. You’ll be glad you did.

I hate these guy but have to listen to them

These guys are crude and obnoxious yet I can’t stop listening to them. I just wish they would talk more about how great pugs are and less about the Etruscans. Pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs

Always Teaching Me Something New

This podcast somehow makes me feel smarter and dumber at the same time. I also have so much random information in my head now, like the story of Tarrare, which I tell to pretty much anyone who will listen. Thanks for the conversation starters!


I always LOVE it when the Cognitive Dissonance guys teeam up with the Puzzle in a Storm crew in their podcasts. Doing a podcast with all of them on the regular is a spectacular move. This makes for 5 podcasts between them, and it still leaves me craving more from them. The combination of irreverent humor with super genius intelligence can't be beat.


Already loved these guys on their separate podcasts, so it’s great to listen to them all together. Always hilarious.


Always a blast to listen to! Highly recommend if you want to learn stuff while 5 guys try to be funny.


Nothing like a group of sweet sweet smart@sses! Y’all are great, thanks for the laughs and “informative” wiki to get me through my work mornings!

It’s what would happen if a wikipedia article walked into a bar…

Each week, our intrepid hosts read a Wikipedia article and pretend they're experts. The results are both informative and laugh out loud funny. It’s like hanging out with friends -and you get all the inside jokes.

Always a joy

Been following all these guys for a while now on other podcasts. When I see this download, I know my hour long commute is going to be good. It’s like being at a dinner listening to a bunch of funny friends opining on anything that falls into the category of “noun”.

Gets me through the week

I started off listening to their separate podcasts and when they came together for Citation Needed it was a dream come true. It’s absolutely hysterical and I listen to each episode multiple times and still laugh while learning a bit about the most random topics. The editing is amazing, you wouldn’t believe that these guys are in four different states. With Noah’s rage, Tom and Cecil’s sarcastic banter, Heath’s squeaky laugh, and Eli’s Eli-ness you get a podcast that gets funnier with every episode.

Truly helps with my depression

So: I am basically the opposite of what a citation needed listener is expected to be - I’m a catholic, mixed race, queer female college student. I truly find these guys absolutely hysterical, and even though they joke a lot about the things I find sacred, that doesn’t mean that those jokes aren’t automatically bad. In fact most of the time: they’re brilliant. I know that they’re going to get heat for their 9/11 truthers episode, and as a New Yorker, I just want to say that it actually helped to make me smile on such a sad day (which is really quite hard to do). Please give them a chance - I subscribe to Citation Needed, the Skepticrat, and God Awful Movies, and each download sparks joy. Keep up the great work, guys!

Eli Bosnick, The Second Coming

Eli Bosnick is the Alpha, the Omega. The beginning, and the end. The light in the darkness. He is the way there, and the way home. Heath, Noah, Cecil, and Tom are ok too.

SYSK but good with cussing

Love this podcast!

Title is title

This is the only podcast that I’m on my 4th listen through of the catalogue.

Better than other things.

This show is the best way you can spend 30 min to an hour. Except sex. Or eating really good pizza. Or foreplay. Or a lot of things. There are really a lot of things that are better ways to spend your time, but this show is better than other things that aren’t as fun. It’s a lot of things.

Love it or hate it

I think you either love listening to these smart buffoons chat about interesting topics, or else you hate ‘em. I happen to fall into the former and enjoy the mix of low brow humor and high pitched laughter peppered with clever and witty quips from some intelligent dudes 🤷🏻‍♀️

My favorite podcast

I listen to this show all the time at work, I even go so far as to listen to episodes I’ve already heard again, best podcast ever.


Started listening this summer and haven’t been able to stop. Even catching up on the older ones

Every week...

You know how some podcasts get kinda lame after a while? Like, they’re fun, but you just get tired of hearing them every week and they just sit unlistened-to in your new episodes list, piled up with your old episodes? This isn’t that kind of podcast. It’s never unfunny, and the episodes aren’t that long, so there’s never an excuse to not listen to it as soon as it pops into your feed every week. Plus, y’know, you learn really obscure stuff too.

Great show

The piatpod and cog dis guys have done it again. Hilarious and thought provoking? Well, mostly hilarious.


Wednesdays are made better by this podcast. Perfect for hump day and perfect for people would’ve liked their history teachers to be more sarcastic in high school/college.

Family fun

The greasiest innovation since Eli’s blog.

Hilarious and informative

One of my favorite podcasts. Always happy when it's in my rotation for the day. Interesting topics and witty banter from the Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance crews.

Just listen.

I laugh, maybe you will too.

I love this show

This show is a perfect mix of comedy and informative content. If you want to learn something while laughing maniacally the whole time. This show is a great way to pass the time.

Non stop comedy

For those that don’t get it, you need to listen long enough to understand each of their personalities. Yes, some of it is sophomoric. But they know how to make each other laugh. Unlike local radio. These are best friends ( yes, Noah... best friends!) it’s not 100% all the time. It 100% most of the time! They tackle difficult material and have a laugh over it. This podcast needs to become mainstream!!!

So funny!!!


One of my all-time favorites.

An ingeniously crafted mosaic of madness and hilarity. Highly recommend.

Great podcast.

Week to week this group brings out a hilarious podcast that never ceases to keep me interested and entertained. I’m sitting here trying to come up with more to write but it’s not worth it. Go listen, if your into interesting “facts” told in disgustingly funny ways then this is your show. Just for informational reasons, not a dig or anything I’m upset about, but this podcast is definitely NSFW. I love that they are, but you’ve been told now.


Funny and occasionally very useful information.

Best podcast there is

I listen to and love all of the podcasts these guys are involved with. If I wasn’t so broke I would definitely be a patron for every one. Keep it up guys!!

Keeps getting better

I have no idea why this podcast isn’t more popular

The only podcast you need

Obscene humor and wikipedia, the only things you need in your life. This podcast is always fresh and funny. You could easily repeat all episodes of this show once or twice a week and still not get bored. Keep up the great work Noah, Tom, Cecil. Heath and Eli, you don’t work, so keep up with that.

So glad I found this

You guys are hilarious! :D

Fascinating and hilarious

I started listening because I figured it would be funny, but it's actually genuinely informative as well. Who knew?!

The funnest part of my week

I look forward to this podcast every week. It’s pithy and smart and hysterical. Plus you almost always learn something new.

If you don’t like this podcast, you don’t have any friends

Tom, Cecil, Noah, Heath, and Eli are your five best friends from high school, those guys you discovered Monty Python with and still bust out quotes when you get together. I listen to all of their podcasts, but this one is my favorite, because listening to people having fun is fun. When those people happen to be intelligent, insightful, and irreverent, it makes your whole week. Keep it up, guys. You’re the best.

Great podcast!

I love the mix of facts, jokes and humor. Not enough chat to deflect from the topic. :)

The bestest

This is the most bestest thing to happen to anyone since the history of anything. So funny, every time.

Can tragedies be funny?

Yes. Yes, they can.

The Scathing Glory Hole?

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this podcast yet! I was so overjoyed when I heard that all these guys would be teaming up for a new show. This is my two favorite podcasting teams crammed into one show and it couldn’t be any better (or worse).

Race war

Pick an episode, you will not be disappointed.

Eli And Cecilfer- The besties of BFFville

5 stars!! Help get Eli a Jean Bennet Ramsey Lifelike Sex Doll!!!!!


Best podcast ever.


Love these guys


Every podcast they do entertains and leaves you wanting more.

Great podcast!

Started listening to this because I love Cognitive Dissonance and Scathing Atheist (it’s a collab show with all guys from both podcasts) this has become one of my favorite podcasts and I love the different subjects!!! Makes me laugh! Can’t wait to see you guys in Chicago for the Live show. Keep up the good work :)

Love it for the banter and skits

Hilarious! If you like these guys from their other podcasts Skepticrat and the Scathing Atheist you will love Citation Needed as well.


Wonderful. Astounding. Amazingly interesting topics. Thoroughly researched. Incredibly informative. Thoughtful, in depth analysis. Subjects sensitively presented. Five talented, compassionate gentlemen. I’m a better and more educated person because of this podcast. Thank you for coming into my life.

It’s because of Eli

I’m a bad person for laughing at this...

This show keeps me sane.

Dark humor, atheism,and informing on topics whilst barraging with joke after joke, this is my absolute favorite podcast. This show and Cognitive Dissonance keep me sane, living in the south!

Another great show from these guys!

The guys from Scathing/Skepticrat/GAM & Cog Dis have teamed up & it is every bit as funny as you would think! This show uses a random topic from wikipedia as a delivery system for their jokes that will make you look like a crazy laughing fool to people who are around you when you are listening on your headphones. Love this show!!!

The best show out there

These fine gentlemen discuss an interesting topic each week. They provide thoughtful analysis of the topic, teaching us something new every week. They also do a skit shining light on a small portion of the article, and at the end also do a quiz, testing each other and also allowing is one last chance to learn. This is a great podcast. The only way it could be better is if there was more of it. :)

Warm yourself by the dumpster fire...

The gang takes on random topics of interest and demonstrates week after week how anyone with a little curiosity and an internet connection can call themselves an “expert”. In fact, you can call yourself whatever you want to on the internet, and do they ever! So if you ever wondered, “Am I smart enough to discuss topics that I’ve never studied in-depth on a Podcast?” The answer is, “You don’t have to be smart, just funny!”


This is hands down my favorite entertainment of any form of any media, period.

JonBenet Ramsey....need I say more?

Do you enjoy scripted comedy based on free-content, openly-editable web-based encyclopedia articles? Then this is the podcast for you! Wikipedia is entertaining all on its own; now imagine five charming atheist-podcasters analyzing random subjects with facts/information acquired solely from Wikipedia articles. It's entertaining to say the least.

Super podcast, great hosts

Great podcast from an amazing group of guys, Especially the superfriends Cecil and Eli. I eagerly await each episode

Hilarious and insightful

Ok, really just hilarious. Maybe not insightful...but definitely hilarious!

Love this show!!!!!! 😻😸😻😸😻😸

Love this show!!!!!! 😻😸😻😸😻😸

Highly recommend

Fun way to get your friends into atheism, the sneaky way, without something atheistic in the title! Great show from the super group made up of Cognitive Dissonance and The Scathing Atheist/Skepticrat/GodAwfulMovies crews.

Another great podcast!

I am so happy that I have another great podcast from these guys! It took me a minute to warm up to this one but now it is one of my favs. Keep up the great work!

Great show

Hilarious podcast

Funniest thing I've ever heard

Every episode leaves me gasping for breath and clutching my gut from laughing so hard.

Could use less wieners.

The lads are their usual, hilarious selves, with strong writing and only the occasional descent into crosstalk and indulgent inside jokes. I also get the feeling that if there were at least one woman involved, there might be not quite so many rape jokes.

No SJW lunacy!

It is refreshing to listen to a podcast with Tom, Cecil, and Eli that doesn't turn in to a trump bashing social justice freak fest. I suspect Noah told them to keep that crap to their other shows so his aren't ruined.

How stupid is humanity? Funny story

I love these guys on their other podcast, but with the additional cast it grows ever better. Basically if you like history, aren’t a stiff, and want to smile while learning, you are going to love this podcast. I’ve listened since day one and glad I have. Interesting stories give me a “did you know” story for my insanely hot girlfriend every day. Usually leads to some follow up research, some head hanging at the plight of humanity, and a lot of laughter in between. Once again, if you are not a stiff, you will live this podcast. If you are a stiff, check out Cognitive Dissonance. Those guys are super mild, meek, god fearing, razor edge guys. Probably never even smelled a beer.

Ultra obscene fun

With a tag line like “We read a single Wikipedia entry and pretend we’re experts because this is the internet and that’s how it works now”, how can you not have fun?

The Folly of Mankind

I would trade every history class I've ever taken for episodes of Citation Needed. Why listen to a jaded professor read dry text from some boring old book in an uncomfortable room with unpleasant people for an outrageous fee when you could listen to the same stories read by five guys old enough to be professors but smart enough to make a living telling offensive jokes and pointing out that it's stupid to believe in things that aren't true! With the same commitment to accuracy as Wikipedia and an inspiring drive to revel in the folly of mankind, this podcast teaches the valuable lesson that there is no degree of human tragedy that can't be funny.

One of the Best

Amazing group of guys and so very funny.

The most fun you can have when you have literally no other choice.

Before I began listening to Citation Needed, I had no idea that “Pug insurance salesman” was a career option. I quit the review.

Deep nonsense

This may well be the funniest and most serious podcast available. The Gang of 5 manages to find humor in the human condition, in a way that very few can. Beneath the hysterical comedy, there is a (generally) very deep social commentary. Listen and enjoy, then listen and think.

Worth it for laughs alone

Seriously, just subscribe to every podcast these guys do. This one is for laughs more than the others, but they are all hilarious. Their skepticism and atheism is in focus in the other shows, but all of them are funny and worth every moment. Just do it. Enjoy the laughs.

Everything they do is amazing!

I am a huge fan of this group’s other podcasts (The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and The Skepticrat), so I was excited when they announced this new collaboration with Cognitive Dissonance’s Tom and Cecil, and I have not been disappointed! They all work well together, and the topics are always discussed in their usual witty and hilarious way! Please keep up the good work, guys!


Hope they are insured against listeners who sue because coffee sprays all over the computer while listening at home. They better have a rider for keyboards, for when the coffee comes out of ones nose.

A fun listen

I won't lie and say the content is great however I could listen to this group reading me the dictionary and it would still be great.

With hosts this good, literaly anything can be interesting

The love child of two amazing podcast companies, this show uses semi-random wikipedia topics as fodder to fuel interactions of the hosts. It's Citation Needed, where the expertice is made up and the end show quizzes don't matter!

Another great podcast

Once again my favorite podcasters have knocked it out of the park! I love the chemistry. Keep up the great work!!!

These guys are hilarious!

I love the dynamic and the comedy that these guys bring to all of the topics they discuss. Whether it be this podcast- with the history and definition of things... or their other podcasts, which delve into topics spanning religion, politics, and movie reviews. Highly recommend that you check this show out!

Amazingly funny

I can't exaggerate how good this podcast is. Every episode has me (and the hosts) rolling with laughter! The hosts' self-deprecating humor is beyond hilarious and they always have the most clever way to frame historical events/people/places. Keep it up guys!

Informative and fun

All of the best pod casters on one show!

Funniest podcast and also teaches you things...kinda

The boys from scathing and cog dis have done it again. This is by far the podcast that makes me laugh out loud more than any other. They also teach a great things like why are eugenics is wonderful, why it's a bad idea to fill a giant tub with molasses in the middle of the city, and why it's a very bad idea to pretend to be a Chinese magician

My new favorite podcast

This is the one that is helping me get through all the horror consuming my life. So funny. These 5 together are perfection. Exponential humor

The Podcast I Never Knew I Needed

These guys get me. Smart, funny and sassy.

An apple program. I have betrayed my forebears to bring you this review.

Citation Needed is what so many listeners of it's sister shows (Cecil and Tom's Cognitive Dissonance and Eli, Heath, and Noah's full gambut: The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and The Skepticrat) have been waiting for for longer than we even knew it. These hosts are five men who absolutely belong together, preferably being recorded, as often as possible. Apart from their general hilarity and the incredible amount of work they all put into creating these audible masterpieces for us, they are also all genuinely good people insofar as we, the audience, can tell, and each is one you would gladly have for a friend. Though the subject matter of this particular show is light, fun, and a pleasant escape from the ills of our reality, the guys really still shine out as the unabashed defenders against injustice that they are on their other shows. Citation Needed is as laid back as it is informative, and is comedically the equal or the better of any other podcast I have heard.

A nice change up

If your looking for mid week hilarity this is the show for you. No politics, no religion, just reading Wikipedia and making fun of the absurdity in there. I can't recommend this show enough.

The gateway drug to more offensive podcasts

How do I relax and destress? I listen to the Citation Needed Podcast. 5 hosts, 1 wikipedia article, loads of crass, clever, and inappropriate humor, and a healthy amount of on-mic laughter. Check it out if you want to "learn stuff" while having your sensibilities mildly offended.

Best new podcast!

Fun, funny, and smart. What's not to love?

Several Busckits of Fun!

These guys have great chemistry, they're always hilarious, always smart. I'm subscribed to a lot of podcasts and it's usually a struggle to find which one I want to listen to on any given day. When anything produced by these guys hits my feed it's an instant play!

Funny and informative

Hilarious. The perfect cure for lime disease.

Listen to this podcast. Seriously.

Easily one of my favorite podcasts. It's witty, entertaining, and vulgar. Really, could you ask for anything more?

Best Friends

Don't be hurtful, this is actually the best podcast out there ;)


Makes me laugh every episode, and makes my day better while I'm learning something new. Love the "commercials". Hopefully, they'll do longer episodes as the podcast grows.

Fine! They're ALL "best friends," okay?

The guys from "God Awful Movies," "The Skepticrat," and "The Scathing Atheist," team up with the "Cognitive Dissonance" guys... What's the worst that could happen? Every week Tom, Eli, Noah, Heath, and Cecil get together to discuss a single article from Wikipedia, as if they're experts. The fun is in the constant, relentless banter between the best friends. It's like a free-for-all roast. They all get to make some great put-downs, and no one's private life is spared. It's hilarious, but just know that the explicit tag is there for a reason.

Love it!

This is the very most bigly fantastically researched podcast available... according to my extensive Wikipedia "research". These 4 and 1/2 😜 comedians make learning stuff fun with irreverent and irrelevant humor. Definitely NOT for prudes and the faint hearted.

Love this show!

The Mouthy Broadcast of podcasts that read one article on a subject and pretend to be experts.

Funny as usual

These guys together are always funny. Love the show.


Really funny podcast by 4 best friends and a guy named Eli.


No one has found a better use for Wikipedia than they. Seriously. Best idea ever.

Bonus Material

I like this podcast, but it does kinda get confusing for me at times as there are like 4-5 people on here that also have their own shows separately (The Scathing Atheists and Cognitive Dissonance) but it's entertaining nonetheless. If you like those other shows, then you'll like this one too and since there are more people, there's a different element to their interactions. I recommend all three, but this one might work better if you subscribe to the other two as well; it's kinda like bonus material.

Great podcast

Great way to become informed on an interesting topic while both laughing out loud and getting good information on skepticism and critical thinking. This is a real gem!

Learn Something New!

I love browsing Wikipedia in my spare time. This makes me able to browse Wikipedia safely while driving.

This premise should NOT WORK!

But it does, it's funny and it's accidentally? educational. If you're already a fan of these knuckleheads, this is a treat. If this is your gateway podcast to TomCecilHeathNoah and (yeesh!) Eli, then SorryNotSorry. P.S. Just kidding, Eli. You're the best! You just be whatever the hell you are. I light a candle for Andrew every night.

Great show! Hilarious :)

Great show by a bunch of hilarious wacky dudes! Love every minute

Great podcast

Love these guys!

Laughing at horrifying things is AWESOME!!!! :-)

So, as most here, I am a fan of all these guys' other shows. I thought it'd just be a fun talk fest amongst friends, didn't know where they were going with it. So I buckled up, loaded up my first episode, and.... The next thing I know, I am totally laughing out loud about... CHERNOBYL. Ha!!! Great job, guys. I am now a subscriber forever. GH, EmEffers!!!!


Extremely fun and funny. The hosts have great chemistry and the jokes come frequently and freely. Highly recommend.


For Wednesday's

Smart and very funny

Best new podcast! I love all these guys. My sides were hurting listening to the first five shows.


What do you get when you take Cog Dis and mix it with the Scathing crew? Magic, pure comedic magic. Can't say enough about this show!


Hilarious. That is all. Listen and subscribe you won't be sorry.

Laugh-out-loud hilarious

Oh my GOD, this show is hilarious. Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts have amazing chemistry.

Synergy of gfaw

If you were looking for some way to bring together the laugh track of cognitive dissonance and the persistent chortle of the scathing athiest, you are gonna love this podcast!

Humor and information

I started listening to Cognitive Dissonance about a year ago. They turned me on to the Scathing Atheist. When I heard they would be teaming up for Citation Needed I knew I had to listen and I was not disappointed. Keep up the great work! (Except for Eli, he's the worst) PS. Eli, we are NOT best friends so stop calling me at work!

New Favorite!

Although I prefer the title floated in the early Patreon shows "Pedantic Assholes Correcting Each Other". 5 Vulgarians take a scatological romp through our most reliable source - Wikipedia. I laughed so hard I had to pull my car over.

Learn something new- become an instant expert!

Although it's no "Cooking Ramen with Heath", this podcast is very entertaining and insightful. It's so good, you should take legal advice from it.

Centralia PA!

I'm loving this. Centalia PA, BBQ Capital of the World. What a completely odd-ball thing to discuss. And they do their usual hilarious job! Keep it up!


Some of the funniest guys I've heard.

The funniest of the podcasts

These guys have five different podcasts among them, but the humor really shines on this one. Who'd have thought that jokes about Chernobyl would have worked so well?

Absolutely love these guys!

Funny, sarcastic, hilarious.....what more can I say. I would marry this show if I could!

The best of free, not safe for work entertainment

Its a scathing dis of ignorance, through the use of (expletive deleted) jokes and [redacted].

You're MY Best Friends!

Five Stars! Five Stars! Five Stars! Toast!

Grand Slam

This is a hilarious and shockingly accurate look at Wikipedia


Love love love this!!!! How could I not with these hosts though....???

Better than than the description might sound

Hard to explain why this works, but it does. Each episode is a small, half-hour botttle of madness, with some actual information hidden in there somewhere.

Heath Said He'd Beat Me Up If...

I didn't say I love this show! It's all the humor and vulgarity you've come to expect from the guys, plus as an added bonus I've actually learned a thing or two.