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Anything with the PIAT crew is always good


Great podcast my husband made me listen to. Then I made my best friend listen! She is now hooked. The Amazingly addictive… just can’t get enough podcast you want another hit!


Also I like to save Noah’s episodes for when I can’t get to sleep at night. Those episodes are so soothing and informative. Edit: Marsh’s homeopathy episode is the all-time winner. Check it out!

Pun in the sun

These guys are great

Laugh Fest

I love dudes laughing and these dudes like to laugh!

I used to like this pod cast now I love it!

It has cured my halopitia and now I can eat corn straight off the cobb!


This podcast makes me silly. So, so silly.

Citation needed

Idk man, I think they need to cite their sources… oh wait.

4 stars because...

...they pick on the Irish a little too much. Haven’t we endured enough pain? 3 Musketeers (and Milky Way) are the ugly friends of candy bars.

It’s ok!

It was either write a 5star review or donate money... so here I am! Of the podcast genre “people talk about things they don’t know about” these guys are the best!

A great mid-week laugh

I frantically refresh my feed on Wednesday at noon on the hopes It posts during my lunch break so I can laugh for a few minutes before re-entering the existential hellscape that is 2021. Irreverent, silly, and downright wrong, this is a great midweek pick me up!

Big Fun Big Laughs!

If the world is getting you down and you need to a harmless laugh give Citation Needed a go. It is always interesting with great running bits.

Two Great Tastes Go Together

Bringing two great studios together into one funny and informative show was a great idea! I love the chemistry the group has and often have the episode catalog on in the background as something to chuckle to throughout the day.

Learn new things

The Citation Needed guys have taught me a lot of weird things, while making me crack up laughing.

The best!

The guys consistently crack me up. TWO VOTES! If you like this check out Cognitive Dissonance and anything from Puzzle in a Thunderstorm


Highly recommend!

Purely Educational

Basically like Stuff You Should Know but with a lot more profanity and penis jokes. So better.

Fun podcast

Good chemistry between the hosts, I laugh at every episode. Needs more Marky Mark impersonations

Fun show

This and hardcore history are the shows I get most excited to hear. Love it.

The perfect podcast

Every episode makes me happy, makes me laugh, and never fails to make a bad day better. I find myself “saving” new episodes so I have a few to listen to after a stressful day/week. Fantastic well written comedy that is also interesting, well thought out, and the perfect mix of intelligent and ridiculous. This is also literally the only podcast that I’ve started to go back and re-listen to from the beginning (Pandemic). I’ve found it’s just as good the second time around, like a great tv show or movie. I can’t think of another podcast that I’d enjoy listening to a second time this way.

Just what I need...

This show is hilarious and informative with off beat topics that no one has talked about. Like seriously, some of these topics where so obscure that I wonder how wrote the wiki entry. But it’s funny and brightens my day.

Fun and Funny

Great group very informative

The pinnacle of educational podcasts

YoU gUyS lAuGh tOo MuCh. No you don’t.

Please talk more chemistry ❤️

hilarity as usual and then today Noah starts talking I can’t concentrate

Excellent podcast

My most favorite and listened to podcast. Keeps me chuckling during the day.

Informative and hilarious

They make serious, and otherwise boring, topics hilarious.

Very good podcast

They can literally make any topic funny, including the potentially tragic and unfunny ones. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good grin.

Awesome Podcast

It is not about the articles from Wikipedia, it is about the way they present them. These guys are good and they interact in a very funny way with each other.

Tons of laughs

I LOVE this podcast! I’ve listened since day 1 and will continue too. Anytime I need a good laugh this is the first place I come too!