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The PIAT/ Gloryhole spin-off we deserve!

I’m here for you as long as this continues to be a thing. Love this podcast, and as soon as I’m out of my school debt, I’ll be glad to donate!!!

Brilliantly funny

If you haven't listened, what's wrong with you? Listen to it.

The Best show

I thought that no one listens to this show but tons of rateings. I love this show sooooo much.


I love the show but I was really disappointed that the Etruscan episode was a skit show. I really do not like it when a topic has been built up for a long time on a show and they end it with a self referential skit. I hope the next show is better to make up for the disappointing episode.


The Etruscan episode wasn’t about the Etruscans??!? I was so looking forward to That

Spit takes when I listen every time

This podcast is amazing also secret answer E and future topic all the black parts at radioactive and the white people forgot about it an gentrified it anyway


The best way to learn important moments and people in history.

One of the greats!

I love this show, I love these guys in general. Highly recommended.


Both informative and hilarious. You have to binge the backlog to start to get all the jokes

I love it

I absolutely love this podcast. I get excited every week and I can’t wait until the next one comes out! I’ve been listening for years and it’s especially fun for long trips in the car or doing homework. I recommend it to everyone I know who listens to podcasts, and I’d love to see them live!

Hilarious and inappropriate

Normally when I learn new things it doesn’t involve quite so much swearing. One of my favorite podcasts. I’m already going back to listen to all the back catalogue.

A snarky break from the day

If you’re already front loaded with a ton of current event podcasts then this is a great one to break up the day. For those that are saying the topics and “facts” are sometimes incorrect then you’re missing the point of the show. Yes it’s a trivia show but it’s also a show about Wikipedia and isn’t meant to be super educational, but really just spark and interest in a topic that you may want to do more research on. There have been a few times where because something the guys talked about has sparked a deeper dive into a topic for me. Don’t take the show too seriously, sit back for some ridiculous entertainment and allow your self to relax a little, it’s all just for fun anyhow, and you may laugh a little.

Hilarious and Informative

Dollop meets Wikipedia

Some very good boys

And a very good podcast. There’s not an episode in this backlog that didn’t make laugh out loud at least once.


Super funny and better-researched than even so many non-comedy podcasts these days.

Pleasantly unpredictable topics

Love the podcast fab 5! Their own shows are great and the combination of the group is even better.

Love it!

A weekly highlight of my podcast library. Very funny.

It may all be lies but I don’t care!

It’s so good I pay for it even though it is free.

Very Funny

I was already a fan of God Awful Movies and Cognitive Dissonance. I love hearing the hosts of both shows come together to riff on a variety of topics. It’s very entertaining!

Can’t get enough

Hilarious, random, & ridiculous - one of the highlights of my weeks. Not for the sensitive or easily offended. I also really enjoy all the other projects these guys create.

I guess it’s a good show

The most convincing fake laughs you’ll ever hear

Serious Inquiry?

Want to know what happened to Thomas Smith’s feet? Then this is the show for you. I think they need more listeners, so check it out.

The Best

These Guys are great. All their podcasts are FIVE STARS. Check out their other podcasts. You’ll be glad you did.

I hate these guy but have to listen to them

These guys are crude and obnoxious yet I can’t stop listening to them. I just wish they would talk more about how great pugs are and less about the Etruscans. Pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs pugs

Always Teaching Me Something New

This podcast somehow makes me feel smarter and dumber at the same time. I also have so much random information in my head now, like the story of Tarrare, which I tell to pretty much anyone who will listen. Thanks for the conversation starters!


I always LOVE it when the Cognitive Dissonance guys teeam up with the Puzzle in a Storm crew in their podcasts. Doing a podcast with all of them on the regular is a spectacular move. This makes for 5 podcasts between them, and it still leaves me craving more from them. The combination of irreverent humor with super genius intelligence can't be beat.


Already loved these guys on their separate podcasts, so it’s great to listen to them all together. Always hilarious.


Always a blast to listen to! Highly recommend if you want to learn stuff while 5 guys try to be funny.


Nothing like a group of sweet sweet smart@sses! Y’all are great, thanks for the laughs and “informative” wiki to get me through my work mornings!

It’s what would happen if a wikipedia article walked into a bar…

Each week, our intrepid hosts read a Wikipedia article and pretend they're experts. The results are both informative and laugh out loud funny. It’s like hanging out with friends -and you get all the inside jokes.