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Title is title

This is the only podcast that I’m on my 4th listen through of the catalogue.

Better than other things.

This show is the best way you can spend 30 min to an hour. Except sex. Or eating really good pizza. Or foreplay. Or a lot of things. There are really a lot of things that are better ways to spend your time, but this show is better than other things that aren’t as fun. It’s a lot of things.

Love it or hate it

I think you either love listening to these smart buffoons chat about interesting topics, or else you hate ‘em. I happen to fall into the former and enjoy the mix of low brow humor and high pitched laughter peppered with clever and witty quips from some intelligent dudes 🤷🏻‍♀️

My favorite podcast

I listen to this show all the time at work, I even go so far as to listen to episodes I’ve already heard again, best podcast ever.


Started listening this summer and haven’t been able to stop. Even catching up on the older ones

Every week...

You know how some podcasts get kinda lame after a while? Like, they’re fun, but you just get tired of hearing them every week and they just sit unlistened-to in your new episodes list, piled up with your old episodes? This isn’t that kind of podcast. It’s never unfunny, and the episodes aren’t that long, so there’s never an excuse to not listen to it as soon as it pops into your feed every week. Plus, y’know, you learn really obscure stuff too.

Great show

The piatpod and cog dis guys have done it again. Hilarious and thought provoking? Well, mostly hilarious.


Wednesdays are made better by this podcast. Perfect for hump day and perfect for people would’ve liked their history teachers to be more sarcastic in high school/college.

Family fun

The greasiest innovation since Eli’s blog.

Hilarious and informative

One of my favorite podcasts. Always happy when it's in my rotation for the day. Interesting topics and witty banter from the Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance crews.

Just listen.

I laugh, maybe you will too.

I love this show

This show is a perfect mix of comedy and informative content. If you want to learn something while laughing maniacally the whole time. This show is a great way to pass the time.

Non stop comedy

For those that don’t get it, you need to listen long enough to understand each of their personalities. Yes, some of it is sophomoric. But they know how to make each other laugh. Unlike local radio. These are best friends ( yes, Noah... best friends!) it’s not 100% all the time. It 100% most of the time! They tackle difficult material and have a laugh over it. This podcast needs to become mainstream!!!

So funny!!!


One of my all-time favorites.

An ingeniously crafted mosaic of madness and hilarity. Highly recommend.

Great podcast.

Week to week this group brings out a hilarious podcast that never ceases to keep me interested and entertained. I’m sitting here trying to come up with more to write but it’s not worth it. Go listen, if your into interesting “facts” told in disgustingly funny ways then this is your show. Just for informational reasons, not a dig or anything I’m upset about, but this podcast is definitely NSFW. I love that they are, but you’ve been told now.


Funny and occasionally very useful information.

Best podcast there is

I listen to and love all of the podcasts these guys are involved with. If I wasn’t so broke I would definitely be a patron for every one. Keep it up guys!!

Keeps getting better

I have no idea why this podcast isn’t more popular

The only podcast you need

Obscene humor and wikipedia, the only things you need in your life. This podcast is always fresh and funny. You could easily repeat all episodes of this show once or twice a week and still not get bored. Keep up the great work Noah, Tom, Cecil. Heath and Eli, you don’t work, so keep up with that.

So glad I found this

You guys are hilarious! :D

Fascinating and hilarious

I started listening because I figured it would be funny, but it's actually genuinely informative as well. Who knew?!

The funnest part of my week

I look forward to this podcast every week. It’s pithy and smart and hysterical. Plus you almost always learn something new.

If you don’t like this podcast, you don’t have any friends

Tom, Cecil, Noah, Heath, and Eli are your five best friends from high school, those guys you discovered Monty Python with and still bust out quotes when you get together. I listen to all of their podcasts, but this one is my favorite, because listening to people having fun is fun. When those people happen to be intelligent, insightful, and irreverent, it makes your whole week. Keep it up, guys. You’re the best.

Great podcast!

I love the mix of facts, jokes and humor. Not enough chat to deflect from the topic. :)

The bestest

This is the most bestest thing to happen to anyone since the history of anything. So funny, every time.

Can tragedies be funny?

Yes. Yes, they can.

The Scathing Glory Hole?

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this podcast yet! I was so overjoyed when I heard that all these guys would be teaming up for a new show. This is my two favorite podcasting teams crammed into one show and it couldn’t be any better (or worse).

Race war

Pick an episode, you will not be disappointed.