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Brilliant idea, brilliantly executed

My new favorite poscast! 5 very funny guys get together each week and deconstruct a Wikipedia article on a particular topic-- from North Korea's Supreme Leader to historical events. It's funny, fast-paced, and I actually learn something fascinating every time. Sort of like the Click and Clack Brothers, on speed. This is the only reason I still work out-- so I can listen to podcasts like this, Scathing Atheist and God Awful Movies.

Most excellent!

Tom, Cecil, Noah, Heath, Eli... these are a few of my favorite pod-peoples! They make me think, laugh and go "Grrrrrr" like a tiger or a very small but fierce kitten when faced with a dangling string! With their help I've defeated the bathmat of indifference and am moving on to shred the toilet roll of holy-rollers! Speak to me boys, there is so very much to learn! C

A wonderful time!

Scathing atheist plus cognitive dissonance equals a outrageously good show!


All the fun of 5 best friends playing a silly game, but with added bickering and OMG-did-Eli-really-say-that!?!

Shane Phllips

This podcast is just the best. The hosts interaction, the skits and the comedy are just an amazing mix. You will enjoy this podcast.

Another great show by these guys

The guys are hysterical and this show capitalizes on just how great humor and learning go together! And lots of F bombs for fans like me!

Familiar people teaming up like power rangers

The fellas from cognitive dissonance pod and scathing atheist get together and tell you stories. What's not to love?

Funniest podcast from these guys, and that's saying something

The collection of podcasts these five produce is wall-to-wall hilarious, and this one tops them all.

Fun times!

5 funny guys getting internet smart and telling jokes. This show is delightfully funny, and you might just learn something. Will you sometimes be appalled by the jokes but still laugh? Yes!

If you like any of their other podcasts, you'll love this one!

An unholy collaboration between the outrageous vulgarians responsible for Cognitive Dissonance (Cecil and occasionally Tom), and The Scathing Atheist / God Awful Movies / The Skepticrat (Heath, Noah, and Eli), this is a funny-yet-informative show where the hosts take turns reading a Wikipedia article about a thing, then pretending to be an expert on that thing, while the other hosts ask questions, sometimes even ones related to the topic. Quite often it derails, it's always EXTREMELY NSFW, and it's throughly enjoyable! In the (Now deleted) Patreon-sponsored start-up episodes, the guys tried several formats before they tripped and fell into this one, and it's a good hole for them to stay in. Keep up the great work, guys!

Great new show!

Never since the joining of peanut butter with chocolate has a team this great come together. A lot of shows the hosts seem like they're scooped from the same carton of Neapolitan ice cream...but as individual flavors. Not this group, this group is several big scoops right across all three flavors as is good and right.

I love these guys!

Listening to Noah, Heath, Eli, Tom, and Cecil is how I stay sane in Georgia. Give this a listen and you might not regret it.

Pre listened on patreon

Love this and you'll love it so much you'll want to give them your money too and if you don't you'll at least download it every week maybe even multiple times. It's all your favorite podcasters all in one place why not also drop a review of you took the time to read mine go ahead it takes 2 seconds to hit five stars and say 'wow this show sure is neato'


I am a Patron of the show and have heard the first 5 episodes. I laugh so hard when I listen. I love GAM and Cognitive Dissonance, so I'm not surprised I liked this podcast as well. 😍

Cutting, No Holds Barred

The great Cog Diss and Scathing Atheist crowd join up again and talk crazy talk about crazy talk!

5 out of 5 would bang again.

If this podcast was a guy that I would respect as a human being. I would definitely bang it again... every week. This is the perfect show for the people who complained about Cecil and tom always laughing or getting off topic ( which I think is the best part) of cognitive dissonance. This is more concise and will have you question why it didn't exists before. Also the other guys are amazing too.

Hilarious - they don't disappoint

Awesome guys who are always entertaining and don't disappoint with their newest podcast! Great for a good laugh on a short commute!!

What a fun way to deep-dive into a topic

I love these guys, all of them. Their dynamics are amazing, and they really do a great job of helping me to be better informed, more skeptical, and more aware of common pitfalls in reasoning and online writing. They do so with a really fun podcast. Thanks, all.