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I love these guys!

Listening to Noah, Heath, Eli, Tom, and Cecil is how I stay sane in Georgia. Give this a listen and you might not regret it.

Pre listened on patreon

Love this and you'll love it so much you'll want to give them your money too and if you don't you'll at least download it every week maybe even multiple times. It's all your favorite podcasters all in one place why not also drop a review of you took the time to read mine go ahead it takes 2 seconds to hit five stars and say 'wow this show sure is neato'


I am a Patron of the show and have heard the first 5 episodes. I laugh so hard when I listen. I love GAM and Cognitive Dissonance, so I'm not surprised I liked this podcast as well. 😍

Cutting, No Holds Barred

The great Cog Diss and Scathing Atheist crowd join up again and talk crazy talk about crazy talk!

5 out of 5 would bang again.

If this podcast was a guy that I would respect as a human being. I would definitely bang it again... every week. This is the perfect show for the people who complained about Cecil and tom always laughing or getting off topic ( which I think is the best part) of cognitive dissonance. This is more concise and will have you question why it didn't exists before. Also the other guys are amazing too.

Hilarious - they don't disappoint

Awesome guys who are always entertaining and don't disappoint with their newest podcast! Great for a good laugh on a short commute!!

What a fun way to deep-dive into a topic

I love these guys, all of them. Their dynamics are amazing, and they really do a great job of helping me to be better informed, more skeptical, and more aware of common pitfalls in reasoning and online writing. They do so with a really fun podcast. Thanks, all.