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This show is funny

Eli is my favorite

Funny and Thought Provoking

This show offers a new perspective on the comedic side of historical disasters, it also forces introspection on how white supremacy throughout history has led to death and misery for far too many. With an original twist and a great group or commentators every episode is full of laughs and interesting fun facts.

Best podcast.

I just want a episode by Tom, written using ONLY onomatopoeias. Love the pod

Very funny

This podcast absolutely helps me not be depressed. And is super amusing

Incredibly funny

Probably one of the funniest podcasts out there.


I fall asleep every time I listen to this every time Tom or cecil It reminds me of my dad voice when I was like 12 and he would just tell me and my brother stories and I miss that

This is my comfort show.

If I could shuffle the episodes like a playlist, I would.

too good

i’ve listened to every episode multiple times, come to think of it something might be wrong with me

Perfect binging material

Bringing the top tier hitters of the skeptic podcastosphere together to talk about literally anything and everything. Short and digestible, yet funny and informative episodes make this show easy to blow through while performing tasks of any length or variety. Since they aren’t necessarily tied to current events, you can run through the backlog gauntlet without feeling like you are literally traveling back in time. The furthest it gets is having to remind yourself of context when they mention anti-vaxxers back in 2018… they didn’t know. They just didn’t know. Love the Apropos of Nothing’s too!


Fantastic good sirs fantastic

Pretty good

I once listened to an episode of this and had an orgasm this podcast is pleasure

Life changing

Y’all probably saved my life. I went through a severe mental health crisis a couple years back, and this podcast, along with all of your others, were literally my grounding point. You’re all amazing and hilarious. Thank you

Hilarious and you learn something at the same time

I love all the puzzle thunderstorm forecast, but this one in God awful movies are my favorite. The case is all of the hosts from all the shows I like. I wish they did more episodes.

If you’re not listening, you’re missing out

I’ve loved this podcast from the first episode I listened to. It’s one of two podcasts that I actually enjoy re-listening to old shows multiple times!

Two votes!

I think they laugh exactly the right amount.



How stupid is humanity? Funny story

I love these guys podcast, but with the additional cast it grows ever better. If you like history, aren’t a stiff, and want to smile while learning, you are going to love this podcast. I’ve listened since day one and glad I have. Interesting stories give me a “did you know” stories; so I don’t have to actually be smart, just repeat what they said. Once again, if you are not a stiff, you will love this podcast. If you were offended by this podcast, check out Cognitive Dissonance. Those guys are super mild, meek, god fearing, razor edge guys. Probably never even smelled a beer.

Definitely the best podcast called Citation[s] Needed

Because this is the internet, and that’s how it works now.

Podcasters make another podcast

As such things go, this is, indeed, another podcast.

Stay the Course

The slow but steady rise in popularity alongside the fleshing out of the format and “bits” has made this show a champ. Good Housekeeping even champions it! Congrats, fellas. You deserve it. (Do agree with others that the fake laughing could be trimmed.)

You guys are perfect. Never change.

sToP fAkE lAuGhInG sO mUcH 🙄 Love all of you more with each passing year. Your laughter restores my serotonin levels.

Fantastic podcast

Educational, witty, funny, and has some of the best/worst puns in the podcastiuniverse. You are missing out if you are not listening. Always makes me laugh, even in the 2020s while living in the US.

Stay the Course

The slow but steady rise in popularity alongside the fleshing out of the format and “bits” has made this show a champ. Good Housekeeping even champions it! Congrats, fellas. You deserve it.

Out loud laughing funny

Love the ongoing gags and personality ‘quirks’ of all of them

Good show

I love this show a lot, but I wish I could say it had no flaws. You guys are funny, but always leaving in your laughs can make it hard to enjoy all of the jokes that are coming in. It makes it hard to process all of the rapid fire quips. You use a remarkable amount of non-con and other rape related jokes. I know you deal with a lot of heavy subject matter, but it can be rather uncomfortable. The same is the case with jokes that are being made about other races and cultures, sometimes it’s just a bit too much. I love you guys I listen to GAM, Scathing I and Cog Dis. I started listening to them in that order, you all helped me a lot when I was dealing with the death of my Grandmother and had to deal with the religious comments of the people around me. I’ve listened through the archives, and you’ve all grown so much, as comedians and presumably as people. I know you try your absolute best, and I love you for it. I just want you guys to enjoy yourselves, you don’t always need to crack a bit, you’re personalities are enough to handle a difficult subject no need for schtick. I know it would defeat the point if you all were properly researching, but I’d like a consistent Cecil level of research. I love you guys keep up the good work.


What a nice bunch of people talking about things and stuff.

Intelligence explodes

Intelligence explodes all over and with well timed humor. And I agree with EVERYTHING

Love this podcast!

The single best podcast that’s not about Etruscans that is now or has ever been produced in the history of the world. (Citation Needed)

King Calliope

Where I get all my history facts

Fantastic Podcast

This is the funniest, most interesting podcast I’ve ever listened to, full stop. I found Citation Needed and GAM a couple of years ago on my dad’s recommendation and instantly binged all of Citation Needed. I’ve kept up with it every week ever since and it’s only gotten better and better! The hosts are hilarious and all of the topics are genuinely really interesting. Also - if you guys read this Tom might’ve hated the Etruscans episode but I was delighted to finally hear it, I always though it would be an interesting episode and I wasn’t disappointed haha