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Another gem!

Yet another hilarious (and subtly informative) Podcast from the guys at Puzzle In A Thunderstorm and Cognitive Dissonance. I highly recommend checking this out, I binge listened to all 5 episodes yesterday afternoon.

Love this show

Great new show by some of my favorite podcasters

Dream team

Love these guys so much. I'm so happy they started a podcast together. The first five episodes have been top notch hilarious! I'm excited to hear them develop their already highly developed on-air personalities, especially the Tom/Eli dynamic!

Great show

I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of Cognitive Dissonance, but this show has a completely different subject matter and isn't a current events show. As such, it's a lot more fun for me and easier for me to laugh about. The chemistry between the hosts is there and it all just comes together really well. I recommend giving it a download even if you don't listen to their other show.


This is a funny show that consists of a five person panel that tries to get the most out of their explicit tag.

Already in love!

Yup, still funny, informative, and fits right into the fix I need each week! Can't wait to get all of the parts settled into!

I'll be back for more

This podcast surprisingly only gave me mild diarrhea. Looking forward to some more explosive fun next week.

Stick it in my ear holes!

Ever wished Wikipedia had articles in audio format? Well this is the next best thing, now with expletive language to help the random knowledge sneak past your inner flat-earther.


This podcast joins the list of my favorite weekly podcasts. I was vibrating with excitement when these five guys announced that they were teaming up to do a podcast together, and they delivered on all of my hopes! Great job!

Great Podcast

If you like the Scathing Atheist/Godawful Movies or Cognitive Dissonance, you owe it to yourself to check out this podcast. It's funny as hell, and they offer a bit of crowdsourced information along the way.

Always great

Always enjoy both of these "groups". It is about time they do a regular show together. Always a bright spot.

Excellent new podcast from the dream-team

Get ready to become an expert along with Tom, Cecil, Noah, Heath, and Eli as they take you down a hilarious rabbit hole of truly off-the-wall topics, all using Wikipedia as their source material! This show is hilarious, informative, and irreverent in all the right ways. Subscribe and download, then check out the other podcasts these talented performers have on offer!

Side-splittingly funny

The Voltron of podcast humor.

Great new podcast!

These guys are huuuuge! It's great to hear them tackle subjects beyond atheism and politics and this proves they are great at so much more! It could use more cowbell and more carl the pugapegacorn though.

Irreverent throughout

Five guys pick a random Wikipedia article; one of them reads it ahead of time, then attempts to teach the other four while they joke and tear it apart

Great new podcast

It's like one of those crossover comics minus them cancelling and relaunching my favorite podcasts with worse writers.

Hilarious Skits + Educational Bits

This podcast is fast, funny, tightly edited, and I learn something through the infectious laughter. A great collaboration between the hosts of the Cognitive Dissonance (Gloryhole, fellas) and The Scathing Atheist / GAM / Skepticrat guys -- I never get tired of listening to this group of smart goofballs. Give it a listen and support the show on Patreon to keep it going!


Best new show.

best podcast except for others

I have not listened, but love it already. 5 stars!!!


Some of my favorite podcasters join forces and hilarity ensues!!!

5 stars

It's certainly a podcast.

The BEST. (Full stop)

If you have never heard these guys before; I'm almost jealous of you, because you can only hear them for the first time once. This is everything you ever wanted in an informative-but-don't-use-this-as-source-on-your-thesis podcast.

I think they're best friends

It's scary when Eli and Tom team up against Cecil and Noah. No wonder Heath quits a lot. I didn't think these guys could top themselves. I was wrong. Best. podcast. ever.

Best podcast ever.

Seriously, this is the complete package. The 4 best atheist podcasters in the fold coming together to create an absolutely fun, irreverent comical, and adult style topical review of a Wiki page. It's well written, flawlessly executed. And will keep you in stitches. I'm not being paid to say this. There's no money coming my way, in my mailbox, in unmarked Friday or I delete this. This was voluntary (but I want my family back). P.S. There's 5. I forgot Tom.

Love These Guys

To be fair I'm already subscribed to all the related podcasts, but this is a very funny show and worth checking out.

Fun show

All the guys are hilarious and the show is informative while also incredibly entertainming.

Funny yet Educational

Great combination of Cognitive Dissonance and Scathing Atheist/God Awful Movies/Skepticrat hosts tackling Wikipedia articles.

May cause audible contractions of the diaphragm

My five favorite podcasters join together to make a Voltron of funny.

With your powers combined...

... this is a great podcast! Joining like a demented Voltron, the SA/GAM/SK guys and the Cog-Dis guys giggle incessantly at each other's jokes about topics that none of them knew existed prior to picking the Wikipedia article. They took nine months to get here, and now that this ugly baby has been delivered, we are all rapturous to hear its cries. Listen to one, LISTEN TO THEM ALL!

Love these guys!

It's like my two favorite podcasts came together as one. Wait! They did! Hilarious, entertaining and a learning experience. Great podcast!