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Hilarious, every thing these guys do is great.

Great new way to laugh

These 5 guys have given a new way to learn about a random subject and laugh your butt off while doing it. Highly entertaining! I subscribe to all their other podcasts and I'm never disappointed.


I didn't hesitate becoming a patron of this show after listening to the first 5 test episodes. If you love Cognitive Dissonance, Scathing Atheist, and God Awful Movies, give this a listen. Be prepared to laugh. A lot!

Great to see my two favorite podcasts merge.

I've been a fan of Cog Diss and Scathing Podcast years , and it's great to see them coming together for this new cast. It's just some really funny people who are friends and clearly enjoying chatting together about a topic. This genuine friendship really comes accross in the podcast.

Funny yet informative

The format of this show is both entertaining and educational...ish. I was skeptical how good it could be; I mean, basically they are reading the internet. By adding their personal brand of comedy, and creating topic appropriate skits, they keep me laughing throughout the entire episode. As a nice byproduct, I feel like I have actually learned something in the process. At least enough to sound smart while drinking with friends.


If you like "Cognitive Dissonance," but you thought "man, this needs more unbelievably offensive humor and feigned expertise," then YOU. WILL. LOVE. THIS. PODCAST. Seriously, it's hilarious and awesome and actually teaches an important lesson about fake news if you're paying attention. Highly recommended.

Entertainment For The Brain

The Marx Brothers - at their peak - were three funny guys. Firesign Theater consisted of four incredibly creative and deeply like-minded fellows. Now we have these five characters who, as a five-man entity or smaller groups of two and three, make my ribs ache with laughter while bringing me the same news that makes me want to go all Elvis on my TV. You Guys Rock. You're all the reason I own an iPod. Keep it up!

I am stunned...

... that this group can be so consistently funny and outrageous on all their shows each week. Every episode is like being at the best dinner party with your friends where there are no rules and nothing is out of bounds. Keep it going guys!

Degenerate "professionals" making u laugh

The best thing about this show is that it's an audio podcast. Trust me, you don't want to look behind the curtain. Eli & Tom are back there.

Brain Candy

Get to know a subject as well as you might from a Wikipedia article with the funniest humans in podcasting.


Great Podcast.

Of course it's great

Man, I just love the chemistry of these guys. It's an irreverent breakdown of people, ideas, places, and events. Perhaps the best episode is the one involving radium. This is definitely going on my weekly listen for work.

Hysterically irreverent!

It's doesn't get any funnier than these guys!

Very Funny

The show is inappropriate jokes about unfunny topics. Great, if, like me, this is your sense of humor.

Great show!

As expected, I love the show so far. I would love to throw you a few bucks on Patreon but they are having website issues. I promise I will keep trying!

Great host chemistry

The 5 hosts have done other podcasts together before. They bring their fun and creative thoughts to this new venture. I really like this new show. The first four episodes were a great start. I am eager to see what they do with it.


Enough said.


Frankenstein baby of two of my favorite podcasts

Bang Bros

Putting aside the fact that the bass at the beginning of each episode is WAY TOO LOUD, I would repeated bang these episodes on a weekly a moderately dangerous housewife who gives really good know it's wrong, but during it feels so right.

The perfect storm

This is my new favorite thing!!!

Hilarious, biting, informative.

Another podcast with Heath. I needn't say anything more.

5 Stars For Heath's Laugh

There is nothing lamer than a morning zoo show where the deejays pretend to laugh at each other. There is nothing funnier than a group of really funny people who can't help laughing at each other. And you get a deep dive into a Wikipedia rabbit hole besides. You had me at hello.

Hilarious show

I wasn't sure what to expect from the synopsis given on the guys' other shows but I was sold from the very start. I almost can't listen to it at work because I laugh too hard to still be productive

Best pod -- now

I listen to all the podcasts that these guys do, so this is like a fantasy come true to have them all together on one show, for every show. It's like getting a taste of all the great flavors at once. Kinda like Neapolitan ice cream. Am I right Cecil?

All my favorites

These podcasters are the best of the best and this is the funniest podcast I've ever heard.

Great show!

I love everything these guys create. This does not disappoint! It's smart, witty and fast paced. As with all their other podcasts citation needed is professionally done with the perfect amount of filth!

The Supergroup of Podcasts

Well, if you love both Scathing Atheist and Cog Dis, but really want to hear them do a podcast together where they laugh and joke about random Wikipedia articles, you will love this podcast! If this podcast were a supergroup, it would be Blind Faith (but hopefully will last longer).

Like listening to my best friends

These are my five favorite idiots! The reason that I say that this podcast is like listening to my best friends is because I love theses guys from their other podcasts. They all bring different perspectives to a unique item from Wikipedia. Great listen!!!

The best of all their strengths

This new show seems to be a strong mixture of all the strengths of the parties involved; riffing and randomness from CogDiss, show structure and composition with lewd humor from Gam, Scath and the podcast personas of everyone fit together seemlessly. The interstitials are the best yet and really draw the whole enterprise together. If you enjoy comedies like Archer (with its referential humor, raunchy gags, and character chemistry) and learning just a little bit, you'll love this show

Of course it's hilarious

The guys from Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, Skepticrat, and CogDis tag team to form a wikipedia-article-reading podcast, and it's pretty great.