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Oh heck yes

This is a great show!

Must-try Podcast

These guys are always funny on their own podcasts and when they get together the laughs are non-stop. Digging into these topics is a great way to learn something, but also get some great comedy.

Better than I expected times a billion!

It's phenomenal- skeptical in a fun and cloak in dagger way. Bravo, gang!

Great Show!

5 stars - Because unironically, we actually needed another Podcast from you guys! My only concern is what will happen to the Skepticrats. Maybe you just need to sell the title name to that show. Thanks for pumping out great entertainment!

Instant add

To my regular weekly pod rotation.

Great show

Awesome show.


My (very) high expectations for this podcast were more than exceeded by the first few episodes. I'm a huge fan of the Scathing crew and of CogDis, but put all these guys together and they take the comedy to another level.

Very funny show

You gotta check these guys out. Hilarious

The Avengers of Skeptical Comedy Podcasters

Building on the popular "Vulgarity for Charity" segments on their other podcasts, the geniuses behind Cognitive Dissonance and The Scathing Atheist/Skepticrat/God Awful Movies combine forces to tear apart one subject per episode based solely on the Wikipedia page for that topic. They turn down the skeptical and atheist dials and turn up the funny for this one. A must listen show for anyone who wants to know a something about a nothing.

Love these guys



This podcast is so fantastic that I can feel the tingle of joy deep inside me. So obviously that doesn't come from Tom, Cecil, or Eli.

The best

The best

Great show

Very funny.

Good Stuff!

Count on these guys for an entertaining episode every time.

As Expected

Rather crude humour following a basic understanding of events. Amazing and I love it.

Amazingly Funny and Informative

The magic of these two podcasts coming together is something you shouldn't miss. My only regret that is that it isn't longer.


Funny, insightful, and really worth a listen. I love when these guys come together and give us comedy gold.


Supper funny

These guys are hilarious.

I love the dynamic between all these guys. I wish they had a couple of female hosts.

My favorite podcasters together in one show

Great podcast! The guys from Cognitive Dissonance and the guys from Scathing Atheist/God Awful Movies/Skepticrat come together for an entertaining and always informative discussion and everyone brings their best to the table.


As some of the best things improve when mixed together, so is Citation needed. Chocolate and peanut butter, milk and cookies, eggnog and...ok bad example. Great job.


This is the bestest show to ever best the interwebz with it's bestness!

Avengers assemble

Noah, Heath, and Eli team up with Tom & Cecil to massacre Wikipedia entries. What more needs to be said? The first five episodes so far have been hilarious.

Best of Both Worlds

If you are a fan of either Cognitive Dissonance or Scathing Atheist you will love this. It is both crews at their finest; the chemistry is undeniable, and the humor is off the charts. My new favorite podcast.

One star, repugnant!

This podcast is a hysterical blend of Wikipedia, lol and bafoonery. I love it! I highly recommend it. Do eeeeet!


Well its not cognitive dissonance, but still decent. The jerks from be reasonably skeptical while speaking are on this pod but you can just use the 15 sec fwd button to skip most of that.


This podcast is great. The format keeps things interesting, the premise is extremely funny, and the short skits they do are just as funny. Definitely recommend sharing with everyone with a sense of humor


Keep up the good work, guys

Too funny!

These guys are hilarious! You should hear what happened when they found this radioactive blue powder. Tom and Cecil poked at it with a screwdriver, Eli sprinkled it all over his kitchen floor, and I think Noah tried to smoke some. Anyway I hope they all live to do another episode because I loved it!

Puzzle in a thunderstorm

Every episode we blast anyone who gets in our way. We did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey men. Credulity is not a virtue. You can buy drugs from us at reason-con. Doubt even this.