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In the midst of laughter, knowledge!

When these folks can control themselves, you’ll hear some really interesting and far-flung history. But sometimes it’s hard to track the train of thought…so much to laugh at…for me, too. Thanks. af

Excellent fun!

These instant and irreverent experts on everything make you glow with laughter like a cesium bath.

Y'all keep me laughing

This is one of the funniest greatest podcasts on iTunes. I listen on headphones at work and I laugh so much my coworkers think I'm nuts

Hilarious and informational

These guys are the wittiest people I've ever heard and I feel smarter after just having listened to them. What a fun way to learn about history.

Awesome sauce!

Not just a little good. Gooder than bad.



Great show from 2 groups working together

I'm a Patron of the show and love it. Cognitive Dissonance and the Scathing Atheist group of shows are highly entertaining and when all these guys get together it's always a treat. Sort of a podcast supergroup. A fun new show and I encourage anybody who likes comedy combined with information to listen.

Just download it.

Funniest thing in podcasts I have ever heard!

Love these guys

My favorite people ever. Please keep doing this one guys!

Love this podcast

A fun listen and a nice break in my day. Look forward to more episodes

An amalgam of educational-ish hilarity.

It's not the podcast we wanted, but the podcast we needed in today's dark post-truth America.

Great chemistry.

I listen to nearly every podcast that these guys do. All of them are entertaining and they all work well together. This is a great listen and a lot of fun.

Awesome Ballz

This show is amazing! A marriage of some of the greatest podcasts ever. If you like irreverence and looking stupid in public du to crazy fits of laughter, then this show is for you. Listen NOW! I mean it; get this show all up in your ear drums. You will thank me.

Thanks for pulling all this talent together

Your togetherness is a benefit. Eli

Awesomeness - laughs galore

Great podcast. Love the format


I've been a fan of Cog Dis for a couple years now and more recently of the GAM guys... and together, this podcast is a match made in whatever good place you wish to believe in. Or bad. I don't know. All I know is these guys in this format are killing it!


This show takes some of my favorite internet personalities and shoves them into a room together it's freaking magic

They're some funny motherf$&@ers!

This is just one hell of a funny podcast. The format works very well, and the guys are on top of their game.

Citation Needed

They are laughing like hyenas and I have no idea why. 😕

Good times

The show is starting off strong and I think will only get better. It ia apparent that everyone involved wants to make the show great, no matter what they say within the show. A fun premise that with very funny people.

Good time

It's great to finally have my two favorite podcasts just smushed into one. It's like all my friends are in my phone


I can't get enough of these people! *throws money at phone*

Great Show

It's the guys for Cognitive Dissonance and Scathing Atheist. If you know who they are and you haven't gotten angry they're still making content you will like this.


My favorite guys talking and stuff.


Well... I came! Some people have milk come out their nose ,if drinking milk while laughing.... I do not. Very funny, not unlike their related podcasts.

Great Show

If I had to choose between this show and watching the Donald Trump golden shower video, I would choose the golden shower video, but this show is a very close second.

So funny!

These guys are great, they always leave me with a smile on my face.

Dat Eli do’h.

Eli (reportedly) kidnaps Lil’ Kim Jung Fatty-McFatFat. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?!?!?!?!


I like everyone in this podcast from other shows. Mixing them all together was genius.

Everything these guys do is awesome!!

Citation Needed is awesome!! Add it to your list of podcasts along with The Scathing Atheist, The Skepticrat, God Awful Movies and Cognitive Dissonance!!