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Ruining facts for the good of all

This show is like reading a great article while at the same time your knucklehead friends are spouting their ignorance over all cool details. Its a great format. You learn something new and learn what it's like to have an uninformed argument about it. 10 for 10

just do it

download and give it a shot.

Aaaah! My sides still hurt!

If you enjoy getting more in depth knowledge about things you were only vaguely aware of but prefer doing it while crying from laughter, you will LOVE this podcast. Another great show from guys that already gave me hours of entertainment every week from many other hilarious shows the put out.


All my favorite podcasters in one podcast, it's amazing!

Pony Friendly

Fun and informative, ja!

Vulgarity for Charity (the podcast)

If you like Cognitive Dissonance, or God Awful Movies, or the Scathing Atheist or the Skepticrat, then you... will love... this show.

Another must listen to every week

Laugh out loud funny! Thanks guys.

You still can't play this in front of socialized humans

What's really funny is that they tried to sell this show as something you can play in front of people since they don't focus on politics or religion. Really. Listen to the Andrew Jackson episode. You’ll be able to tell people about the incredible facts you learned about Jackson, but you’ll lose a few you thought would appreciate Eli’s lactose-intolerance spin.

F*cking Hilarious

If you love Tom & Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance and Noah, Heath, & Eli from Scathing Atheist/God Awful Movies/Skepticrat, then you're already listening to this show. If you're new, imagine a more disorganized Caustic Soda with more offensive jokes.

Great dynamic between all the guys

Total laugh riot. I look forward to each new episodes.

So funny!

I love these guys. The combination of the Scathing Atheist crew and Cognitive Dissonance results in hilarity every episode.

Learn in MST style

Wonderful chemistry between Cognitive dissonance And Scathing Atheist./God Awful movies/Skepticrat crews. A weekly vulgarity for charity turned into a skeptical view to a Wikipedia topic. Proof I'd listen to y'all reading a phone. PS: A phone book is a thing of people used in olden times to find where people lived and their phone number.

The funniest way to listen to Wikipedia

I too love these guys and they're impressive chemistry. I just hope that they really share the work load of this new podcast and don't burn themselves out.

Get your Special Education here

What we have here are five very funny guys mingling a hilarious reading of a Wikipedia article with all kinds of sidetracks, skits, and other bits of humor. Maybe you won't learn much, but if you're a human being, you will laugh. If you enjoy God Awful Movies or Cognitive Dissonance, then you'll enjoy this.

Love these guys

The folks behind my favorite 4 podcasts have teamed up for an epically fully show!

Home run

Coming from a long line of podcasts these guys bring together the experience to make another outstanding podcast from day one. Who thought Wikipedia could be so fun? There are a few rough points but the greatness far outweighs them.

These guys are so productive -- and hilarious

I have no idea how Puzzle In A Thunderstorm, LLC do it, but they're at it again with another podcast.

Simple and Brilliant

Learn a little and laugh a hell of a lot. Every podcast these guys do adds another 30-60 minutes of laughs to my week.

I'm cool with this show.

I like this show.

The funniest

I listen to all these fellas Podcasts. Scathing Atheists add Eli and then add Cognitive Dissonance doesn't get any funnier. Thanks fellas.

Awesome as usual

The guys are hysterical as always. Listen to this and then go listen to their other podcasts.

Good show

As expected, great start

I almost died

Literally I was laughing so hard at this show in my car, I started to leave my lane, rumble strips woo. But really, do they need a review, I mean between the 5 of them they have corned the market on funny in atheist podcasting, and they what now feel they need to branch out into the general populaiton? Well to that I say yes, please continue to do that guys, greatest 30 minutes on the internet.


<3 <3 <3

What more do you need?

Noah, Heath, Eli, Tom and Cecil. (Oxford comma). See what I did there, Noah? These guys are the best! If you haven't heard this, or the other podcasts they do, do yourself a huge favor and give it a go. You have nothing to lose and hours of laughs to gain. You won't be disappointed.

The Best of Both Worlds

...and by "Best" I mean Cecil and Heath, but at least Noah, Tom, and Eli don't come up short when compared to David Smalley. This is a great podcast that's "informative," hilarious, and has five guys that have wonderful chemistry together!

Great Podcast

I love this podcast. Tom and Cecil know how to make people laugh. If you like Cognitive Dissidence you will love this. TRY IT......YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!'nn

What everyone else said

Except for Strongbow73.

Love it!

The boys are a great combination of everything you need to have an informative and hilarious podcast! Can't wait every week for the next episode.