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Really funny podcast by 4 best friends and a guy named Eli.


No one has found a better use for Wikipedia than they. Seriously. Best idea ever.

Bonus Material

I like this podcast, but it does kinda get confusing for me at times as there are like 4-5 people on here that also have their own shows separately (The Scathing Atheists and Cognitive Dissonance) but it's entertaining nonetheless. If you like those other shows, then you'll like this one too and since there are more people, there's a different element to their interactions. I recommend all three, but this one might work better if you subscribe to the other two as well; it's kinda like bonus material.

Great podcast

Great way to become informed on an interesting topic while both laughing out loud and getting good information on skepticism and critical thinking. This is a real gem!

Learn Something New!

I love browsing Wikipedia in my spare time. This makes me able to browse Wikipedia safely while driving.

This premise should NOT WORK!

But it does, it's funny and it's accidentally? educational. If you're already a fan of these knuckleheads, this is a treat. If this is your gateway podcast to TomCecilHeathNoah and (yeesh!) Eli, then SorryNotSorry. P.S. Just kidding, Eli. You're the best! You just be whatever the hell you are. I light a candle for Andrew every night.

Great show! Hilarious :)

Great show by a bunch of hilarious wacky dudes! Love every minute

Great podcast

Love these guys!

Laughing at horrifying things is AWESOME!!!! :-)

So, as most here, I am a fan of all these guys' other shows. I thought it'd just be a fun talk fest amongst friends, didn't know where they were going with it. So I buckled up, loaded up my first episode, and.... The next thing I know, I am totally laughing out loud about... CHERNOBYL. Ha!!! Great job, guys. I am now a subscriber forever. GH, EmEffers!!!!


Extremely fun and funny. The hosts have great chemistry and the jokes come frequently and freely. Highly recommend.


For Wednesday's

Smart and very funny

Best new podcast! I love all these guys. My sides were hurting listening to the first five shows.


What do you get when you take Cog Dis and mix it with the Scathing crew? Magic, pure comedic magic. Can't say enough about this show!


Hilarious. That is all. Listen and subscribe you won't be sorry.

Laugh-out-loud hilarious

Oh my GOD, this show is hilarious. Absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts have amazing chemistry.

Synergy of gfaw

If you were looking for some way to bring together the laugh track of cognitive dissonance and the persistent chortle of the scathing athiest, you are gonna love this podcast!

Humor and information

I started listening to Cognitive Dissonance about a year ago. They turned me on to the Scathing Atheist. When I heard they would be teaming up for Citation Needed I knew I had to listen and I was not disappointed. Keep up the great work! (Except for Eli, he's the worst) PS. Eli, we are NOT best friends so stop calling me at work!

New Favorite!

Although I prefer the title floated in the early Patreon shows "Pedantic Assholes Correcting Each Other". 5 Vulgarians take a scatological romp through our most reliable source - Wikipedia. I laughed so hard I had to pull my car over.

Learn something new- become an instant expert!

Although it's no "Cooking Ramen with Heath", this podcast is very entertaining and insightful. It's so good, you should take legal advice from it.

Centralia PA!

I'm loving this. Centalia PA, BBQ Capital of the World. What a completely odd-ball thing to discuss. And they do their usual hilarious job! Keep it up!


Some of the funniest guys I've heard.

The funniest of the podcasts

These guys have five different podcasts among them, but the humor really shines on this one. Who'd have thought that jokes about Chernobyl would have worked so well?

Absolutely love these guys!

Funny, sarcastic, hilarious.....what more can I say. I would marry this show if I could!

The best of free, not safe for work entertainment

Its a scathing dis of ignorance, through the use of (expletive deleted) jokes and [redacted].

You're MY Best Friends!

Five Stars! Five Stars! Five Stars! Toast!

Grand Slam

This is a hilarious and shockingly accurate look at Wikipedia


Love love love this!!!! How could I not with these hosts though....???

Better than than the description might sound

Hard to explain why this works, but it does. Each episode is a small, half-hour botttle of madness, with some actual information hidden in there somewhere.

Heath Said He'd Beat Me Up If...

I didn't say I love this show! It's all the humor and vulgarity you've come to expect from the guys, plus as an added bonus I've actually learned a thing or two.