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The Folly of Mankind

I would trade every history class I've ever taken for episodes of Citation Needed. Why listen to a jaded professor read dry text from some boring old book in an uncomfortable room with unpleasant people for an outrageous fee when you could listen to the same stories read by five guys old enough to be professors but smart enough to make a living telling offensive jokes and pointing out that it's stupid to believe in things that aren't true! With the same commitment to accuracy as Wikipedia and an inspiring drive to revel in the folly of mankind, this podcast teaches the valuable lesson that there is no degree of human tragedy that can't be funny.

One of the Best

Amazing group of guys and so very funny.

The most fun you can have when you have literally no other choice.

Before I began listening to Citation Needed, I had no idea that “Pug insurance salesman” was a career option. I quit the review.

Deep nonsense

This may well be the funniest and most serious podcast available. The Gang of 5 manages to find humor in the human condition, in a way that very few can. Beneath the hysterical comedy, there is a (generally) very deep social commentary. Listen and enjoy, then listen and think.

Worth it for laughs alone

Seriously, just subscribe to every podcast these guys do. This one is for laughs more than the others, but they are all hilarious. Their skepticism and atheism is in focus in the other shows, but all of them are funny and worth every moment. Just do it. Enjoy the laughs.

Everything they do is amazing!

I am a huge fan of this group’s other podcasts (The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and The Skepticrat), so I was excited when they announced this new collaboration with Cognitive Dissonance’s Tom and Cecil, and I have not been disappointed! They all work well together, and the topics are always discussed in their usual witty and hilarious way! Please keep up the good work, guys!


Hope they are insured against listeners who sue because coffee sprays all over the computer while listening at home. They better have a rider for keyboards, for when the coffee comes out of ones nose.

A fun listen

I won't lie and say the content is great however I could listen to this group reading me the dictionary and it would still be great.

With hosts this good, literaly anything can be interesting

The love child of two amazing podcast companies, this show uses semi-random wikipedia topics as fodder to fuel interactions of the hosts. It's Citation Needed, where the expertice is made up and the end show quizzes don't matter!

Another great podcast

Once again my favorite podcasters have knocked it out of the park! I love the chemistry. Keep up the great work!!!

These guys are hilarious!

I love the dynamic and the comedy that these guys bring to all of the topics they discuss. Whether it be this podcast- with the history and definition of things... or their other podcasts, which delve into topics spanning religion, politics, and movie reviews. Highly recommend that you check this show out!

Amazingly funny

I can't exaggerate how good this podcast is. Every episode has me (and the hosts) rolling with laughter! The hosts' self-deprecating humor is beyond hilarious and they always have the most clever way to frame historical events/people/places. Keep it up guys!

Informative and fun

All of the best pod casters on one show!

Funniest podcast and also teaches you things...kinda

The boys from scathing and cog dis have done it again. This is by far the podcast that makes me laugh out loud more than any other. They also teach a great things like why are eugenics is wonderful, why it's a bad idea to fill a giant tub with molasses in the middle of the city, and why it's a very bad idea to pretend to be a Chinese magician

My new favorite podcast

This is the one that is helping me get through all the horror consuming my life. So funny. These 5 together are perfection. Exponential humor

The Podcast I Never Knew I Needed

These guys get me. Smart, funny and sassy.

An apple program. I have betrayed my forebears to bring you this review.

Citation Needed is what so many listeners of it's sister shows (Cecil and Tom's Cognitive Dissonance and Eli, Heath, and Noah's full gambut: The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and The Skepticrat) have been waiting for for longer than we even knew it. These hosts are five men who absolutely belong together, preferably being recorded, as often as possible. Apart from their general hilarity and the incredible amount of work they all put into creating these audible masterpieces for us, they are also all genuinely good people insofar as we, the audience, can tell, and each is one you would gladly have for a friend. Though the subject matter of this particular show is light, fun, and a pleasant escape from the ills of our reality, the guys really still shine out as the unabashed defenders against injustice that they are on their other shows. Citation Needed is as laid back as it is informative, and is comedically the equal or the better of any other podcast I have heard.

A nice change up

If your looking for mid week hilarity this is the show for you. No politics, no religion, just reading Wikipedia and making fun of the absurdity in there. I can't recommend this show enough.

The gateway drug to more offensive podcasts

How do I relax and destress? I listen to the Citation Needed Podcast. 5 hosts, 1 wikipedia article, loads of crass, clever, and inappropriate humor, and a healthy amount of on-mic laughter. Check it out if you want to "learn stuff" while having your sensibilities mildly offended.

Best new podcast!

Fun, funny, and smart. What's not to love?

Several Busckits of Fun!

These guys have great chemistry, they're always hilarious, always smart. I'm subscribed to a lot of podcasts and it's usually a struggle to find which one I want to listen to on any given day. When anything produced by these guys hits my feed it's an instant play!

Funny and informative

Hilarious. The perfect cure for lime disease.

Listen to this podcast. Seriously.

Easily one of my favorite podcasts. It's witty, entertaining, and vulgar. Really, could you ask for anything more?

Best Friends

Don't be hurtful, this is actually the best podcast out there ;)


Makes me laugh every episode, and makes my day better while I'm learning something new. Love the "commercials". Hopefully, they'll do longer episodes as the podcast grows.

Fine! They're ALL "best friends," okay?

The guys from "God Awful Movies," "The Skepticrat," and "The Scathing Atheist," team up with the "Cognitive Dissonance" guys... What's the worst that could happen? Every week Tom, Eli, Noah, Heath, and Cecil get together to discuss a single article from Wikipedia, as if they're experts. The fun is in the constant, relentless banter between the best friends. It's like a free-for-all roast. They all get to make some great put-downs, and no one's private life is spared. It's hilarious, but just know that the explicit tag is there for a reason.

Love it!

This is the very most bigly fantastically researched podcast available... according to my extensive Wikipedia "research". These 4 and 1/2 😜 comedians make learning stuff fun with irreverent and irrelevant humor. Definitely NOT for prudes and the faint hearted.

Love this show!

The Mouthy Broadcast of podcasts that read one article on a subject and pretend to be experts.

Funny as usual

These guys together are always funny. Love the show.