Concept Episodes

February 05, 2020


This episode brings the good $hit

Concept Phenomenon

January 29, 2020

Walter Freeman, and the Lobotomy

This episode will blow your mind.

Person Concept

January 01, 2020

The Spanish Inquisition

Just when you least expected it

Concept Event

December 25, 2019

Christmas Observances

In this episode, Santa gets kinky

Concept Event

December 18, 2019


This episode might cut off at the end


November 13, 2019

Common Scams and Cons

But I don't like scam...


September 25, 2019

List of Unusual Deaths (The Greeks)

And some Romans for some reason

Concept Phenomenon

July 24, 2019

The Trolley Problem

Consider this training material


February 27, 2019

My Immortal

This episode sucks

Concept Book

January 16, 2019


This episode contains dry humor

Concept Event

January 02, 2019

The Gregorian Calendar

Day groupings! Get excited.

Thing Concept

December 05, 2018


Embrace the darp side

Thing Concept

November 21, 2018

Sex Robots

It's about f'ing time.

Thing Concept

November 07, 2018

The Electoral College

The dumbest college until Trump University


September 19, 2018

The Luddites

It's okay to make fun of Luddites on your podcast. They'll never know.